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Those who achieve great things in life are those who step out and actually get started. You will never reach your destination if you do not take the first step.

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A Year In Review (and how it changed me)


Hi! I'm Laura Reid. A content creator and videographer originally from Vancouver, Canada. Fashion has always been an interest of mine and I started creating fashion and lifestyle videos on YouTube 6 years ago while getting my degree at the University of British Columbia. Being a very creative person I used YouTube as my outlet to explore that creativity while I was still school. After graduating with a degree in Psychology I decided to take six months off and backpack through Southeast Asia. After returning home I landed a job at a digital marketing agency managing different brands social media accounts and creating content for companies professionally. All this while still maintaining my own social media on the side. Doing YouTube full time and making creative videos for brands was always a dream of mine and I am happy now to be able to live out that dream. 

When I'm on the road travelling to different countries I create cinematic travel videos. I always ensure my videos and photos are of the highest quality and will spend my free time learning new techniques and finding ways to improve my craft. My photos and videos are all taken on a Canon 1DX  which allows me to capture the scenery in a beautiful and cinematic way.



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